• What is Digital Planning?
A digital planner is meant to imitate the experience of a paper planner, except you are writing on an iPad or other type of tablet.
  • What Notes app is best?

GoodNotes 5 is available on the iOS platform for phone, iPad, and Mac desktops/laptops. It is suggested to edit on iPad or Mac as a phone screen may be too small to easily navigate.

  • How do I download my product after purchasing?

You will receive a PDF file. Follow the link in this file; it will take you to a Google Drive screen. Download the files from here directly onto your PC or tablet.

  • Are the digital planning items made only for Good Notes?

Absolutely not. Another popular notes app is Notability, though I have little experience with this particular app. For Android, Xodo is the app to use.

The main function that your notes app needs to have is the ability to annotate PDFs. If you’d like to use inserts, the app will also need the capability to insert images onto a PDF.